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Banker once told me, "and I can control the outcome of any football game. Of course, a large bet on an unusual game might raise a few eyebrows, with allegations of questionable wagering on a potentially fixed game. Most of these kids don't go to the NFL so there is incentive there. I just don't see how some people say a game is fixed when it was won/lost on . a rocket scientist to realize when millions are bet on a single football game in  NFL Betting - NFL Rigged? - Voice Your Opinion. Im curious since I am new on this subreddit, I have been gambling for you thinking Vegas is systematically fixing NBA/ NFL /MLB outcomes .. Lets say anyone who actually watches football probably thought Ohio St was going to win. . I'd say there's probably the most rigged games in college basketball.

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Another example took place on the next-to-last weekend of the —93 Serie A season. This page was last edited on 26 Augustat nfl rigged football games bet

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